Michael Jackson: 8 Shocking Rumors About Him

He was the King of Pop, Rock and Soul for the millions of fans around the world. Each of his songs became a gigantic hit settling him firmly not only in the top charts but in the Guinness Book Of World Records. Though, all the success of Michael Jackson came with a price of the destructive wave of rumors in tabloids and pop culture. This is the list of most weird myths of Michael Jackson.

Famous Celebrities Who Got Pregnant After the Age of 45

It is definitely a personal decision whether to have children or not, but these celebrities prove that you might not always have to worry about the “biological clock.” Hardly anyone is surprised to hear about 40-year old mothers, but how about twins at 49 or a firstborn at 50? These ladies are breaking the rules, bucking the trend, and inspiring millions of women to not let age be a defining factor in their desire to have kids.

10 Amazing and unbelievable discoveries made recently

In the past few years, researchers and scientists from around the world have discovered phenomena that have left the world in shock. These discoveries span a myriad of fields, for example., history, medicine, and space. This is the list of those discoveries which is unbelievable or hard to digest the truth of it.