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Top 5 Incredible Fossilized Discoveries

Fossils may be our best way at getting a significant glimpse into the past. Fossils offer a fascinating insight into where we’ve been and can sometimes even help us figure out where we’re going. This is the list of unbelievable fossils discovered.

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5 Extinct animals which may be still alive!

Some people claims that the some of the extinct animals are still alive. But, all the way officially it is announced that the those animals are extinct. So, these are some of those terrifying extinct animals which may be still alive.

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Top 5 Deadliest Animals in Africa

African safaris can be a blast as long as you stay in the safety of your car while watching the animals. The animals in the wild are pretty territorial and will charge at anything they feel is threatening their territory, you won’t even know what hit you. Before you start on your next safari, make sure you know about these five most deadliest animals found in Africa.

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5 Strange Horse Breeds in the World

It’s known that since ancient times horses have been a symbol of status and power for families. Even, Disney doesn’t cease to amaze us with the exaggerated amount of these animals. But, this list of horse breeds may surprise you.

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Abnormally Large Animals That Are Actually Exist

We all love animals and the bigger they are, the more there is to love. The bigger the dog, the more there is to pay. But, these are the abnormally large animals which are really exist.

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Top 10 Most Popular and Unique Breed of Cats

Cats are cute creatures and very mysterious in some ways. They can be loving but they’re also incredibly independent. There are some cats which are unique breed and popular cats. This is the list of some of those cats.

The World’s Smallest Cat

The world’s smallest cat is more than adorable. It’s known as the Prionailurus rubiginosus or rusty spotted cat for short. This cat is so small that it can actually fit into the palm of your hands when they’re full-grown adults as they never grow to be very big. Also, the only way anywhere from 2 to 3.5 pounds. However, this small size doesn’t come with survival adaption abilities because they have very unique senses of smell and agility.

They’re very athletic and their eyes are far superior to humans, with their eyes being six times more powerful than those of humans. These cats are very adventurous but they’re very cautious as well because out in the wild they’re a meal to everything. So, they know more than most animals out in the wild that they have to be extra careful when they’re out and about and this is why they have such heightened senses. All it takes is one wrong mistake or one loud noise to alert other predators in the area of its presence. It has unique stripes on its fur and it can jump incredibly high for its size.

Devon Rex

This new breed of cats wasn’t very popular or even discovered until the 1960’s. This breed of cat was really popular around England during this time because it had a very unique look but not everyone took a shine to the unique look of the cat. Some people thought it was a rather ugly cat and that it looked kind of like an alien and some people also referred to the Devon Rex as a pixie cat. Also, the behavior of this cat is rather strange and some cat owners report that it doesn’t even act like most other breeds of cat. Some owners report that the Devon Rax acts like more of a dog than a cat and is far more dependent on human touch and comfort than other breeds of cat.

We all know the cats like to be independent and some breeds don’t prefer to be touched at all but the Devon Rex is definitely someone you can cuddle up next to if you’re looking for a family-friendly feline that likes to have constant attention and affection. Just don’t let it go without affection for too long because the meow of this cat isn’t particularly enjoyable to listen.

Egyptian Cats

The more commonly known as the Abyssinian cats and they’re one of the most popular breeds for rich people. These cats are one of the most expensive cats to own. They’re known as Egyptian cats and they’re one of the smartest breeds in the world. They’re extremely independent and they’re incredibly intelligent.

Their overall appearance can be described as having a long torso with very slender legs. Their fur coats are very short and they’re very close to their bodies so you really shouldn’t have to worry about shedding that much. They’re definitely not lab cats if that’s the type of cat you’re looking for and if you’re worried about a cat not being family friendly then don’t worry because these cats mix well with families and children.

They also do okay with other cats and aren’t very territorial. They’re more passive and just want to be left alone. They’re not very protective though so you probably won’t see this type of cat running out to guard your child against some stray dog or other cat.

Sphynx Cats

These are regarded as one of the ugliest cats in the world by some people because they have no hair. The Sphynx breed of cat is a completely hairless cat and its body’s wrinkled. However, they’re still very popular for a lot of people. These cats were born and bred in Canada. They weren’t discovered until around 1966 according to the CFA.

People report that they have no hair due to mother nature and it’s a genetic mutation which can occur once every 15 years. When they were discovered, people started breeding them with short haired cats so that they would be born with hair but after it was discovered that some people actually prefer them hairless, they started breeding completely hairless cats together again. However, if you own one of these cats and live in an area that gets hot or cold you have to keep them protected from the elements or they can die.

Scottish Fold Cats

These are one of the most playful breed of cats out there. They’re very charming, cute, easy to train and very sweet-natured. You should be warned though if you want to own a Scottish Fold cat, you have to have a lot of things for the cat to do because they have a lot of energy. They are extremely playful and if they get bored with their toys and you aren’t providing enough attention, they’ll find something on their own to do and I can’t promise that you’ll like whatever it is they find to get into.

Scottish folds do have one particular problem that isn’t necessarily a bad thing but it’s rather interesting behavior. When the Scottish Fold blends in with a family, they’ll pick one family member out of everyone and they’ll become attached to that family member, no one knows why they do this. They have a rather interesting variety of purring sounds too and they can make different sounds based on how they’re feeling. They are great for a family but if the cat doesn’t pick you, don’t expect to see it too often.

American Shorthair Cat

You’ve probably seen a lot of these over the span of your lifetime because they’re one of the most popular breed of cat to have in a household. This is also known as America’s breed hence the name the American Shorthair cat. However, despite the name these cats were actually brought over by European settlers or at least that’s what historians think.

They’re pretty balanced in terms of the way cats present themselves and they’re not aggressive and their temperament is usually pretty balanced. They’re not too nice and cuddly but they’re not aggressive at the same time. It’s not the smartest breed of cat you can own but they’re generally pretty intelligent and it really just depends on the family it comes from as far as its intelligence goes. It has a rather good disposition as well.

The shorthair cat also has a rather interesting ability to get along with other pets and it’s very good with children. It’s very friendly to other family members and most people shouldn’t have any problems with this breed of cat as a pet.

Maine Coon Cats

Another popular type of cat is the Maine Coon breed. This is because this breed is actually one of the oldest breeds in North America. Their size is relatively large and they’re a very playful breed. so, you need to have a lot of energy if you plan on raising this cat without another cat for it to play with. Also, they’re known for their intelligence and they’re far more intelligent than a lot of other cats on this list. Their coats are relatively shaggy and they’re known to give off a rather rugged appearance.

In general, they usually won’t bother other pets and they’re not very dominant when it comes to their territories. So, you don’t have to worry about that with other pets. They also sometimes like to act like dogs and are a bit affectionate. So, they’re great for cuddling.

Persian Cat

Persian cats are unmistakable when you see one you will know it’s a Persian cat. They’re hard to mistake because they also have very round faces and they’re very fluffy. Their fur tends to stick out compared to other cats and they’re very easy to get along with. They’re very quiet and even their meow is quiet but they don’t make a lot of noises unless they’re hungry.

There’s some of the most docile cats in the world, they’re very laid-back which makes them a great family pet cat. Persian cats have been around for the longest, at least more than some of the other breeds mentioned in this list and they’re a very popular breed of cat. It’s not clear where these cats come from but if we go by their name then they obviously came from Persia and some of their history goes back all the way to 1684 BC.

British Shorthair Cat

These cats date back all the way to the Roman Empire. These cats have very distinct eyes and their fur is usually pretty thick. Their eyes always stand out above their fur though which makes them incredibly easy to identify. When they first arrived in England, it’s believed that they were bred with another breed in England which altered their appearance significantly. Then, it’s believed that they were cross bred with Persian cats and this act changed their look significantly as well. This made it so that the British Shorthair had significantly more fur they were fluffier and their eyes started to stand out more.

It’s one of the most popular cat breeds in the world for their distinct looks and their intelligence. If you know someone who has a cat that likes to go outside and hunt, it’s more than likely a British Shorthair cat because they are very adept hunters. This dates back all the way to the Roman Empire and it’s believed that this is why they were bred in the first place but no one really knows for sure.

Ragdoll Cat

These are very popular pets and for really good reason. If you’re looking for a family friendly pet and you’re looking for a cat that’s good with the entire family, then look no further than the Ragdoll lineup of cats. These cats are incredibly friendly and they are incredibly fluffy. Their general demeanor is nice but they always look like they’re in a bad mood if you look at their face. Don’t let the face fool you though because these cats are always up for a nice cuddle session.

There are some of the easiest going cats on the planet, when these cats are picked up they tend to go limp and they start to relax in someone’s arms. They actually enjoy the company of humans unlike a lot of other cat breeds and they enjoy being pet as well, this is where they get the name rag doll because they tend to collapse like one as well. They actually look for human companionship unlike a lot of other cats and they’re very protective of their owner if you treat them right. They’re very protective of children as well.

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Top 15 Camouflaged Animals in the World

There are some animals, birds and also insects which can camouflage. It’s all about camouflaged animals but they were so good at hiding themselves that we couldn’t find them very easily.

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5 Dangerous and Poisonous Creatures That Can Live Around You

The world is full of terrifying and poisonous creatures. Its kind of crazy to think that there are insects out there smaller than a human fingernail, that can bring us to our knees with nothing but a single bite but poison is a crazy thing.

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5 Strange Facts You Didn’t Know About Dinosaurs

Films such as the Jurassic Park and the Jurassic world have made us fascinated with Dinosaurs but the truth is they were far scarier than we ever even realized. From this surprisingly dangerous nature of herbivores to the unexpected pack mentality of the Mapusaurus, these are the 5 scary things about dinosaurs.

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Top 8 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds In The World

It’s not a secret that dogs can be terrifying. They are big fast loud aggressive and most importantly loving. This post is about the 10 scariest hybrid dog breeds in the world.


The Doberman is the Frankenstein’s monster of breeds. It was first established in 1890 by Carl Friedrich lewis Doberman. He was a tax collector. He wanted to make a dog that would protect him during his fraud expeditions to dangerous neighborhoods and confrontations with dangerous people. This was achieved by mixing several breeds including Rottweiler, German Pinscher, and Beauceron. The hybridization was successful and Doberman was born into the world.


We don’t need much of an explanation for this breed Wolf’s and domestic dogs have been bred in society for hundreds of years. Since domestic dogs split from Wolf’s only forty thousand years ago and share 99.9% of the same DNA crossbreeding is easy. Wolfdogs become the size of Wolf’s rather than dogs. In terms of temperament, they have a bad rep each which has resulted in breed-specific bands around the world. They also rank high in dog bite statistics.

Great Dane

Great Danes are gentle giants. They belong on this list based on sheer size. Although dogs resembling the Great Dane have been found on Egyptian monuments and in ancient Chinese literature. They even found their way into the hands of European royalty. It is the tallest breed of dog.

Canary Mastiff

Mastiff was bred in the canary islands in the 15th and 16th centuries. These Mastiffs were then bred with bulldogs and sheepdogs, to create the unmistakable size and coat that has defined the breed also defining the breed.

Pit Bull

Pit bulls have had a short but brutal history. They were first bred in England in the early 1800s by mixing Bulldogs with Terriers. This created in effect super dogs. Early they were used exclusively for blood sports like the bull and bear baiting. When blood sports were banned in England in 1835 pit bulls were forced to fight each other and were selectively bred for dogfighting. As it continued into the 21st century. They are the most popular fighting dogs. They are the most aggressive breed.


There are few breeds as powerful as the bull mastiff which has become one of the most feared. The colossal bull mastiff dates from the mid eighteen hundreds and was created by gamekeepers to help guard estates. The dogs were a result of breeding English Mastiff with now extinct Old English Bulldogs. The best qualities of both dogs converged in the bull mastiff which is large strong and fast. They are quite calm but if challenged they will put up a fight that no one wants. From 1982 to 2014 bull Mastiffs are deciding Li unaggressive unless provoked and their scariness is mostly an illusion.

Dogo Argentino

This ghostly dog has a reputation similar to that of a pit bull. Dogo Argentino was first bred in 1928 in Argentina. It was developed by Antonio Martinez who wanted big-game hunting dogs for wild boar. It also has been used in dogfighting. It has been banned or restricted in countries like Denmark and Australia. It can make a social loyal and loving pet.


The Boerboel is also called the South African Mastiff and for obvious reasons. Boerboel translates from Africans to farmers dog. They were bred to protect farm hunt game and defended the land from intruders. Boerboel is now quite social and loyal dogs. But they are also unflinchingly protective which is why they can mane people who threaten their family or property. They have been banned in several countries.