How to Style Bohemian Jewellery Pieces

Beautiful boho jewellery is one of the biggest and longest-standing trends in the fashion world right now. Bohemian jewellery pieces are feminine, elegant and eye-catching, literally the perfect addition to any outfit, whatever your style might be! Whether you’re a style queen or you’re just looking for an elegant piece to enhance your day to day outfits, boho jewellery is for you! Here’s how you could style a few bohemian style jewellery pieces to up your style and feel amazing…

Layered Chains

A delicate stack of dainty layered chains looks stunning with everything and on everyone! Drape different lengths of chains with unique embellishments to create an absolutely stunning effect. This will usually look best when done with one metal, so if you’re a gold gal, stick to gold etc. Try and pick different weighted chains with small trinkets, stones of pendants on them to really add to that layered, goddess-like look that you’re going for. This will literally dress up a tee-shirt and jeans, so it’s a style that you should feel confident investing in!

Statement Pendants

A statement pendant looks fabulous on its own or paired with a choker chain for an ultimate stylish ensemble. Chunky gold pendants are all the rage right now, but to make it a little more boho, why not opt for a hammered coin piece? This looks incredibly striking and adds a gorgeous element to just a simple minimalist outfit. You can even find coins with inspiring mantras, stones or horoscopes on them for a perfect personal touch to your jewellery!

Eclectic Rings

Get playful with your rings to put together a picture-perfect boho babe look. This can be whatever you like, a large statement ring, chunky gold pieces or delicate bands – they all look great! To gain some boho style points, mix gems, metals and materials to really up the dreamy, traveller vibe that you’re going for. Mix gold, silver, copper, resin and gems like ruby, emerald and garnet for a feminine, unique effect.

Statement Earrings

Quite the opposite of the last look, but incredible in its own right! The statement earring is an amazing way to add personality, style and femininity to any and all outfits. For a bohemian twist on a classic earring, why not opt for a style that’s crafted out of metal and resin? This is a stunning combination and adds a dreamy, natural stamp to your ensemble. If you’re looking for a little more glimmer and shine, search for some rustic looking hammered gold hoops to ooze contemporary boho elegance. Pair your look with a messy bun and say hello to the easiest style statement you’ve ever made!

Beautiful Beading

Beading is back, in a big way! Layered beaded necklaces matched with elegant bead and metal earrings look put together and stylish whilst still giving off that natural, bohemian wanderer look that you’re going for! Choose your beads in an interesting and flattering colour such as navy or muted pink for an easy add on to all your neutral pieces. Beads look especially great with a crisp white cotton shift dress, add a pair of woven sandals for the perfect summer outfit!

Mixing Metals

The bohemian vibe is all about looking eclectic, relaxed and creative. A great way to embody a modern bohemian fashionista is to mix your metals. People tend to just stick to one tone, but by mixing up your silver, white gold, rose gold and yellow gold, you’ll be creating a cool and contemporary boho jewellery scene.

These are just a few ways to adorn yourself in flawless bohemian style! Be creative and get styling to take your look to the next level! You’ll find so many beautiful pieces of jewellery in Australia, there’s really no way to steer wrong.


On-Trend Little Black Dress Ideas for Fashionistas

The Little Black Dress is an essential in your wardrobe, no matter what kind of dresser you are. They legitimately suit all styles, occasions and temperatures, so it’s incredibly worthwhile investing in one of these versatile numbers. Whether you’ve got the perfect, showstopping LBD tucked away for a special occasion or formal, or your dress is made for the daytime, there are a few ways of styling the piece so that you get the most out of your purchase. Read on for a few creative and fun ideas to switch up the vibe of your little black dress…

College Chic

Office or school dressing gets a little tricky, but your cropped little black dress is perfect for adding some excitement into your daily outfit rotation! Get a little playful and add some lacey white ankle socks, a pair of chunky brogues, a white turtleneck layered underneath and slide on a trendy velvet headband. To really embellish your look, put on some drop pearl earrings, throw a corduroy jacket over your shoulders and a sling on a vintage tan satchel bag. This look is the perfect mix between trendy and classic, a great way to mix up your weekday outfits!

Modern Bohemian

To add a bohemian effect to your classic black dress, you need to lean into the layering trend! Layer up about 4-7 bangles per arm, add some gemstone rings, drape a few pendants and chains around your neck and grab a pair of elegant mid-sized metal hoops for the perfect boho formal look. A pair of woven leather flats will go great with this get-up. If you really want to up the modern traveller vibe, throw on a beaded shawl or a floaty silk kimono, you will stand out from the crowd and look amazingly unique.


A vampy look is a great way to stun at your next cocktail party or just a special night out on the town. Add a chunky, shining silver cuff, some chain style rings and a delicate silver choker. Silver ball studs and slicked back hair will create some drama. To up the game a little, add a deep copper eyeshadow and swipe on some moody wine-coloured lipstick.


To channel a mod, 60s style aesthetic, you simply need to add a little contrast to that little black dress of yours! A white or ivory cream is going to work best for your opposing colour as it stands out incredibly against a black backdrop. Add some cream bangles and a pair of oversized statement earrings to match. A small leather clutch and a pair of sling-back heels will complete your mod look!


For this look, you’ll need to add a few natural materials and colours. Pair some woven espadrilles, a basket bag and some fashion-forward wooden jewellery for a gorgeous and unexpected twist on a little black dress! If you’re headed to a daytime event, you can even add a wide-brimmed sunhat complete with a satin black bow for a hint of vintage, French glamour.

Weekend Wear

For a more casual little black dress look, you’ll need to chuck on a vintage, oversized denim jacket, some white sneakers or slides and your favourite pair of trendy cat-eye sunnies. A miniature backpack is a great way of dressing down any piece, complete the look with a messy bun and you’ve got your perfect weekend outfit.

These are just a few ideas for putting your own stylish stamp on your little black dress. As you can see, there are so many ways of tweaking your dress to achieve multiple effects, so it really is a piece for you to invest in. Explore black dresses to find your perfect styling backdrop today!


Summer Cocktail Dress Style Guide

An invite to an event with a cocktail dress code can be a little stumping on first thought, it basically means that you should be formal, but not in an evening gown. More and more weddings, formals, parties and special events these days are stamped with a cocktail dress code, so investing in a beautiful cocktail dress that works for the warmer months, will be well worth your time. Here’s exactly how to choose the perfect summer cocktail dress for your next special occasion.

Explore different shapes

The shape and cut of your cocktail dress are really the most important aspects here – your dress could be the most luxurious, beautiful piece in the world, but if it doesn’t fit it doesn’t fit, right? You should hunt for a silhouette that works well with your body, the most popular and universally flattering shapes of the moment include:

Off the shoulder: The off the shoulder or Bardot style dress is incredibly flattering on all body shapes. It’s a feminine, flirty style that shows off your shoulders, neckline and décolletage perfectly.

One shoulder: The one-shoulder style is a total trend at the moment, and it’s easy to see why. This shape is creative, eye-catching and unexpected in a sea of same-same frocks. The one-shoulder can be subtle or very statement, perfect for the woman who’s looking to steal the show at her next event.

Wrap: Wrap dresses are great during the summer because they are comfortable, easy and usually pretty lightweight. Your curves will be flawlessly showcased, and your waist will be accentuated in this alluring and forgiving style.

A-line: A-line cuts are some kind of magic, they look amazing on absolutely everyone! Show off your neckline, slim your waist and create a perfect hourglass figure in this classic cut.

Mermaid: The mermaid or fishtail style is the pinnacle of old Hollywood glam! They hug your curves and fan outwards near the seam to create a gorgeous silver screen siren shape.

Think carefully about materials

Once you’ve found your fit, it’s time to pay some attention to material. Now, you’re shopping for a summer cocktail dress, so materials are even more important here than usual. You’ll need to be conscious of steering clear from synthetic fibres like viscose or low-quality polyester, these don’t really allow your skin to breath properly and you’ll find yourself feeling uncomfortable pretty quickly. Instead, opt for lightweight tulle, lace or satin, and if you really want to opt for a jersey or Ponti, make sure to pick a high-quality piece. More time and energy goes into making the fabric more sophisticated, refined and breathable, so it will be well worth the extra cash.

Select a flattering colour

You’ve got your silhouette and material selection down, but what about the colour? It’s summer, so you should feel comfortable adding a statement pop of fresh colour to your wardrobe! Some very on-trend tones include lilac, rust and emerald, any of these will look amazing! If you’re more of a neutral gal, a delicate pink, cream or even black will look flawless.

Add on with accessories

Accessories always bring more to the table! To really make your dress your own, make sure you channel your personal style through your shoes, jewellery, clutch bag and makeup. This makes all the difference to your overall ensemble and you’ll be feeling like your fabulous self, which is important if you want to exude confidence at your event.

By following these simple pointers, you can feel sure that you will pin down your dream dress for your next summertime cocktail hour. There’s a world of summer-appropriate cocktail dresses out there, happy hunting ladies!


Evening Wear Ideas for All Your Fall Events

Autumn time can be hard to figure out in Australia, one minute your boiling hot and the next you’re shivering next to the patio heater. It’s all well and good to layer during the daytime or for casual nights out to the pub, but what about when you have a big event on? Whether you’re heading to a formal, wedding, big birthday, work event or just a special occasion, the autumn outfit panic can start to creep up on you. Never fear, here are a few evening wear ideas that will carry you through your social calendar this fall…

Leather Accents

Leather is perfect for pulling off a fall evening look. This can come in many forms! Try layering your favourite silk slip with a polished yet trendy leather biker jacket for a contrasting and interesting night-time ensemble. Another great way to incorporate leather into your look is by throwing on a pair of knee-high leather boots, which look fantastic when paired with a floaty long sleeve shift dress. This will give you the perfect combination of alluring and classy. If you really can’t bear the idea of rocking a dress in the chill, then a pair of leather pants will do the trick! Add a sheer black blouse or a chunky knit for cold, yet stylish, nights out on the town.

Sheer Layering

Your favourite slip or strapless number can absolutely be repurposed for winter and fall time, it just needs a little layering to keep you cosy! Throw on a sheer, black long sleeve bodysuit underneath your dress to look effortlessly cool and feel toasty. If your dress is cropped, add sheer tights and chunky black boots to really lean into the 90s chic vibe you’re channelling.


Power suits are ideal for cooler nights! A tailored, black suit looks oh-so-chic and, if you choose the right materials, will keep you toasty too. Look for warming textiles such as wool or mohair for a suit that is as warm as it is stylish. Layer with a flirty lacey cami, drape on the chain necklaces and reach for your favourite pair of statement metal earrings. A pair of pointed heel boots or some stilettos, if you can stand them, will complete off this fashion-forward fall ensemble.


A little black dress is a style staple for a reason! This piece is majorly versatile across all seasons, so if you’re looking to invest in any one wardrobe essential, it should probably be this one! Make your little black dress cold-weather appropriate by adding an oversized wool blazer, statement socks, chunky brogues and you can even layer a long white tee underneath. You’ll look perfectly polished without compromising on your temperature. If you can’t bear to have your legs out, swap the socks for wool tights.

Knitted Dresses

Knitted dresses can be a total godsend when the temperatures begin to drop. Find a close-fitting, neutral-toned, long sleeve, full length knit dress to feel amazing whilst also feeling warm. Add some ankle boots, hoop earrings and an understated clutch for a gorgeous night-time glam look.

Any one of these style picks is perfect when the weather begins to turn! Finally, you won’t feel like you have to compromise on style in order to keep cosy – no more puffer jackets over dresses for you. Fall is great because you get to repurpose your sprint/summer wardrobe in an exciting and unexpected way. Be sure to stay creative, inspired and true to your own personal style to feel the best you possibly can this autumn season.


7 of the Most Popular Earring Styles for Women

Earrings are the perfect addition to every outfit, whether you’re off to work, going out to a casual dinner or heading to a high-key event, a pair of earrings will add that extra little something to pull your entire look together. It’s such a varied category, it can get pretty overwhelming when you start to research for your perfect pair of earrings. To break it down a little, here are the seven most popular earring styles for women and how to wear them flawlessly…

Simplistic Studs

The simple stud will literally never go out of style. No matter how you like to dress or where you spend your days, you need a pair of elegant basic studs – everybody does. Find an organic ball shape, a shining gemstone or opt for a tiny diamond, whatever suits your personal style best! You can find a range of elegant shapes and formations to appeal to your heart’s desire. Remember, if you’re feeling lost, there’s no way to go wrong with a high karat pair of simple gold ball studs. These are going to add a touch of ladylike elegance to every single piece in your closet!


Hoops are a total classic and depending on the size you opt for they can work for so many different occasions! Small, metal hoops are a great way of adding to your office get up, whilst larger statement pieces in metal or resin look fantastic at a party or to a special dinner. You can go as simple or costume as you like when it comes to hoops, so choose according to your style and your wardrobe! These are particularly great if you wear a lot of solid colours and simple shapes, as they’re light, minimal and feminine.

Charm Hoops

These are hoop shapes that have been adorned with a small charm or trinket, very stylish right now! Charm hoops look particularly fabulous on smaller metal hoops, as they’ll add a hint of shine to your day to day outfits without overpowering your look. You can opt for any shape you like, coins, hearts, stars, anything that takes your fancy!


A thread is a chain that threads into your ear and hangs down the front and the back. These come either very simple and elegant or with small charm details at the front. This is a great way to add some sophistication to your outfit in a unique and unexpected way. The thread is one of the most stylish contemporary earring shapes.


A sleeper is a teeny tiny hoop that actually doesn’t stray from your earlobe. These are amazing if you’re attending a school or if you’re in a very formal office or corporate setting. A sleeper can be a simple metal band, or you can find styles that are decorated with delicate little gems or diamonds. A great, classic style that’s appropriate for the most formal attire!

Delicate Diamonds

Diamonds have been worn, loved and sung about for a reason! They are shimmering, shining graceful little pieces that bring total elegance and luxury to an outfit. These look best with classic formal dressing or at a special occasion. You can find diamonds in a range of soft tones to put a modern twist on this classic piece.

Statement Shapes

Statement earrings have been incredibly on-trend for many years, and they aren’t going to go away any time soon! The statement earring comes in all shapes, styles, colours and materials. This is usually fashion or costume jewellery, and its low price point means that it’s a great way to really get playful and flaunt your personality!

These are just a few favourite earring styles to explore. Earrings for women come in all shapes and sizes, shop around to find your perfect fit and enhance your everyday style!