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Every culture has different food and that food may seem weird to people from other parts of the world. These are some of the weirdest foods around the world.

Kitchen Ideas

20 Inspirational Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas

Farmhouse kitchen has actually come to be of the best trends, and also it’s not surprising because such design makes any kind of space comfortable, warm and inviting. A kitchen is a place where everyone gather to prepare, eat and speak, so it’s often the heart of your home, and creating it in farmhouse style is a fantastic choice.


Contemporary Rustic Farmhouse

The L-shaped kitchens are always awesome and multi-functional. This kitchen is the inspiration for the large farmhouse. Dark wooden floor with open and white cabinets are looking pretty cool. The backsplash is also white. Mostly L-shaped kitchens don’t have islands.

Fairfield Modern Farmhouse

This U-Shaped Kitchen is Huge. The Concept of an open kitchen with a light wood floor which is very cool. The interesting thing in this kitchen is farmhouse styled sink. White cabinets and some steel appliances with white backsplash are giving the feel of the farmhouse kitchen.

Modern Farmhouse 

This modern kitchen is very small. Tiny kitchens are very functional. You will have storage problems also. Farmhouse black floor with white open cabinets and white countertop. This rustic ladder is looking so cool for this kitchen.

Eat-in Style

This eat-in style farmhouse kitchen idea with yellow cabinets, metallic backsplash, and steel appliances. The island is covered with table and chairs, so you can say no island in this kitchen. It’s so cool to eat where you cook.

Island Drive

The Huge farmhouse galley with open concept idea. The mixture of white and wooden cabinets is like two toned kitchen. The backsplash of this kitchen is of white polished bricks.

Modern Barn

This Kitchen is a two-toned, Wooden floor, ceilings and some beams with white cabinets. Wood with white is a very great combination. Giving a touch of black on the countertop, hanging lamps and on chairs is giving the feeling of the luxurious kitchen. In addition, open windows to make your kitchen airy.

Hale Navy

Medium Tone wooden floor with navy blue cabinets is a great combination. The sink is farmhouse styled. White countertop with this matching rug is looking like the expensive kitchen. Window blinds and steel appliances, it will give you feel of the industrial kitchen.

Kitchen Makeover

In this kitchen, shaker cabinets and white cabinets are the main interesting thing. White backsplash and steel appliances with big island is a really cool idea. In addition open windows to feel airier.

U – Shaped

If you are looking for new build or rebuilding your kitchen in a large space, then u-shaped will be best. These kitchens are multifunctional. Dark wooden floor, steel appliances, multicolored backsplash, and these hanging lamps are representing as farmhouse kitchen.

Glass Door and Open Display Cabinets

In this kitchen, mustard color cabinets with copper and teak countertops. This kitchen style is for small space. The yellow backsplash is looking so cool. Opening windows make you attached with nature.

French Farmhouse Kitchen

This kitchen is styled french. This L-Shaped kitchen with open shelving. It doesn’t have an island. The wooden floor is giving a rustic feel. The backsplash is not in a major role here.

Beach Style Farmhouse

This kitchen idea with open cabinet, white backsplash, stainless steel appliances, and an island. The large kitchen always gives you the beach feel.

Natural features

The interesting thing in this kitchen is the middle table which has a glassy countertop with natural wood. Steel stools giving the industrial feel. The island of this kitchen is not too big, but it’s perfectly working here.

Cottage Farmhouse Kitchen

The reddish table is the eye-catching thing in this kitchen. You can also say that this kitchen is very vibrant and colorful. The structure of this kitchen is like a hut. Green and white chessboard on the floor will make you feel like you should have a game of chess in the kitchen.

Green Farmhouse

Green is connected with nature. This will make you feel that you are cooking in a garden. Using wooden appliances will make you feel like that you are surrounded with trees. Use plants and open the windows, you will get a more natural feeling.

Comfy Farmhouse Kitchen

This kitchen is like traditional meets contemporary with a touch of farmhouse. In this kitchen, there are 2 backsplashes one is blue polished bricks and another side is raw bricked. White cabinets and the sink is giving the feel of farmhouse style.

Red Color Block

This kitchen is mid-sized and the main highlight is the red cabinet. Red with wood is looking really awesome. Steel appliances make you feel like that you are in a modern kitchen.  The backsplash of this kitchen is of white bricks.

Suburban Farmhouse

This is again mid-sized U-shaped kitchen. The Wooden floor color is matching with the ban.  This navy blue backsplash with this color of the wood makes your eyes vibrant. White cabinets and steel appliances make your kitchen modern.

Steel Windows

Black slate floor is looking too classic. Steel glasses make this kitchen luxurious. The backsplash of this kitchen is in the hexagon styled with light brown shade. The island of this kitchen is also big.

All Around Farm

This concept of the kitchen is open. Here, the whole house is farmhouse themed not only the kitchen. Almost all the appliances are made of dark wood. The backsplash of this kitchen is metallic.

Kitchen Ideas

20 Best Mid Century Modern Kitchen You Must Check Out

The Mid – Modern design in the nowadays can be defined as time machine. It is decorated kitchen is a perfect fit for people with distinctive and sophisticated taste of style. If you need charming, beautiful and relaxing kitchen then you should adopt this design. Its like that you are blending natural and contemporary style. We have showed some inspiring Mid – Century kitchen that will blow your mind.

Victorian Kitchen

You are so lucky if you are having Victorian Kitchen. This keeps your kitchen trendy. To make your kitchen classy and timeless you have to use vintage decorating items. This design is very wonderfully featured in a spacious kitchen.

Tiny Modern Mid Century Kitchen

Most people think that tiny kitchen are sophisticated, but it’s not true. It looks more spacious, open and airy. To make your kitchen clutter-free and neat, hide your storage. During daytime it maximize energy in atmosphere. This tiny idea will work in only modern kitchen.

Go Green

Green is related to the nature. Green color denotes the liveliness and healthiness. This color makes your kitchen vibrant and warm at the same time. It will automatically grabs your attention. Sometimes, green makes you feel that you are sitting in garden.

Wallpaper in Mid – Modern Kitchen

Choose wallpaper of your choice, though which suits your kitchen. Giving modern look go with green table with armless chairs. It is durable and removable too. It peels away faster in moist kitchen.


Don’t you think this kitchen is amazing to For relaxing and comfort. The wood furniture is durable and seems to be expensive, though i think whole kitchen is expensive.

Beauty Of Black

Mostly mid century modern-designed kitchen is mostly about neutral tones. It means you can go with black palette too. Don’t think that dark color makes your kitchen massive. It will look charming and awesome. Black makes your kitchen stand out in an elegant way.

Mediterranian Feel

This design comes from Spain, Italy and Southern Greece. This kitchen touches luxury and warm. Don’t be afraid to use wooden furniture. Ceramic tiles do not burn and scratch easily.

Mid – Modern Kitchen Cabinet

This mid century modern kitchen looks beautiful and stylish. This looks sophisticated but truly it’s not. This white cabinet with creme marble countertop giving the feel of vintage kitchen.

Simple Design

The L-Shaped concept is suitable with any kitchen, even it is small or large. Here it’s bringing natural light through window. Opening window make you always feel fresh. The sink is made of Timber material.

Spacious But Small

Small house is supposed to have a tiny kitchen. It’s small but don’t worry this is simple modern. Use mid century furniture. Here we used light shade of color, though it’s recommended. It will also create an illusion space.

Double Large Mid – Modern Kitchen

Large kitchen with large space, whoa isn’t it interesting.  The cabinetry, ceiling, and walls are complemented by the wood on the floor and countertop. Use wooden elements with white base to make great accent. Large kitchen are also multi – functional.

Bar Style Kitchen

Bar style kitchen are always modern. Just use mid century furniture like table, chairs, marble countertop and wooden furniture. Though it will make your kitchen mid – modern kitchen. Here the kitchen is on  10th floor and instead of wall window glasses are used which is very helpful to atmosphere.


This type of kitchen can be large and small too. But here it is large. It is spacious. Black plain wall is not boring but it’s vibrant. It’s very beautiful kitchen island. The rooms seems bit empty and loose.

Dine In Style

Having dinner and cooking in kitchen. It’s pretty cool. Design on wall looks very impressive. We are going simple here with white walls, cabinets and chairs. Three hanging lights feel like that you are sitting in proper dinning table.

Classic Meets Mid-Modern Design

The main highlight of this kitchen navy blue island which is too classic. Navy and grey with raw wooden furniture really do their job to look perfect. It’s perfect mixture of classic and modern. This kitchen is also multi functional.

Open Plan Style

The perfect place for a large kitchen island is inside an open-plan kitchen. It will help you to get effective and efficient to your kitchen. Chairs legs are looking odd in this beautiful kitchen.

Blue Blue Blue

Blue is all time color. You can use it where ever you want to use. Soft blue with cherry wood is quite interesting. You can choose any blue which is matching with your kitchen. Here elements of blue is less in the background.

Shelf Decoration

Make your kitchen interesting by adding  shelve on empty wall. It will get you more space. It will look interesting and decorative too. You can also add wallpaper at the back of shelve. It’s perfect medium sized kitchen.

Farmhouse with Mid Modern Kitchen 

A shelf display for kitchen wall decor is one simple idea. Just apply a shelf and you can decorate your wall to be whatever you want easily. But style it with mid modern things. This styles shines bright.

Kitchen Ideas

20 Asian Kitchen Ideas You Must See

Asian design style brings simplistic serenity to your home. The calm tranquility of Asian kitchens is perfect for the contemporary home design. The understated elegance of Asian design and focus on harmony and balance adds a bit of Zen to any home decor style. This design style focuses on harmony and balance, as well as the use of natural materials.

Light Asian Kitchen

The combination of light green color on the walls and the use of light wood on cabinets and dark on floor is really amazing. Steel appliances giving luxurious feel.

Window Blinds Style

Main Highlight of this kitchen is window blinds. It looks cool with dark wood cabinets. Use of grey countertop is seriously amazing.

Renovated & Addition to Kitchen

The designer has recreated normal floors to wooden. Changing wall colors to simple white. Instead of normal lights, designer has used hanging lights. Using rug on wooden floor is also a fantastic idea.

Fresh & Open

This kitchen is fully white with big island. Black countertop doing their job to give luxurious look. Open windows to feel fresh and airy. Marble Table in the center looks like Asian.

Japanese Kitchen

Every home needs that feeling. When the kitchen is one of the highest traffic areas in the home, it should be the place where peace and harmony are in abundance. Japanese kitchen design is all about balance, purity, and cleanliness, and with so many kitchens becoming a place full of clutter, mess, and stress, it’s perfect for any home.

San Francisco Kitchen

Don’t you just love the details on the cabinets? We love the small island and the wonderful pendant light there is.

Modern Asian Kitchen

Modern kitchens are sleek, captivating and the dynamic statement. They can be warm and cozy or cool and clean. Their designs include warm tones with wood flooring and cabinetry and also cooler tones with stainless steel countertops and appliances.

Rug in kitchen

Red rug with dark wood cabinets and steel look amazing here. Decorate your kitchen as you want, here we used artificial plants, antiques above the cabinets and hanging pendants.

Minimal View

The island of the kitchen is very big. How big windows are, it feels like that your kitchen is open. Marble floor and cabinets with white walls looks pretty awesome. Dining is also attached, so its easy to serve food.

Small Kitchen

In any house kitchen is most used space. Although small or big this space has its own importance and functionalities. A small kitchen can designed very functional with innovative ideas. What do you think about blue floor tiles ? Isn’t  it nice with white walls and white cabinets.

Marble Asian Kitchen

Rustic wooden floor with white cabinets are looking amazing. White marble countertop giving luxurious look.

Practical Design

The Oven makes practical design which is easy to seasonings and kitchen utensils while cooking. Shiplap walls and hardwood floor reinforce the relaxed Asian effect.

Black And Golden

Gold-flecked granite tops black cabinetry in the kitchen; the draftsman stools are from Wisteria Home. Open white windows keep the room from feeling too dark.

Smooth Kitchen

Asian style kitchen offers smooth atmosphere. Move freely around in the kitchen. Hanging red lamps looks so beautiful with white walls and wooden cabinets.

Airy Kitchen

Airy kitchen almost give the freshness feel. When there is enough natural light in a home, It is comfortable and enjoyable place to live. It is combined with modern elements like chairs, blue rug and some steel appliances.

Minimalist Kitchen with Soft Asian Touches

Minimalist interiors have a reputation for being sleek and simple. These kitchens are easy to clean and maintain. Here Kitchen makes a good balance of modern minimalist style with soft and warm. Modern tones with wooden, Asian-Styled kitchen cabinets.

Asian Kitchen With Scandinavian

Scandinavian style usually offers simple layout. The Asian kitchen cabinet complements well with the layout, offers a homey and casual feeling to the host –or whoever in this kitchen.

Classic Japan Styled Kitchen

This Kitchen shows you how the neat and efficient Japanese kitchen style fused well with modern kitchen. Japanese Modern tone of wall and appliances – giving fresh look to the overall kitchen appearance.

A Soothing Zen Atmosphere

This Asian kitchen design which will let you cook or enjoy the morning coffee in serene atmosphere. In addition you can also add Buddha Statue or wallpaper in meditation. The statue will add eastern charm look – which will be awesome and great.

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20 Best Rustic Kitchen Ideas

A well done rustic kitchen invokes a sense of coziness and comfort that will warm up even the chilliest of nights and mornings.
Imagine it now: It’s cold outside, with outdoor temperatures dropping rapidly and the brisk air freezing your fingers and toes. The smell of pine trees and cedar is heavy in the air. Seeking refuge, you step into a beautiful forest lodge, where a fireplace roars and a batch of hot cocoa is waiting for you on the kitchen stove. Aged wooden cabinets, rough hewn wood beams, and old tumbled stones decorate the beautiful kitchen, where you pull up a barstool and feel the warmth of the cozy fire.

Navy Blue – Rustic Kitchen

Navy  Blue kitchens are always amazing. Navy Blue with brown is a great combination of 2 shades as shown in this picture, here wooden countertop, wooden floor and these cabinets gives the feel of charm and rustic kitchen.

Airy Rustic Kitchen

Instead of using cabinets use  floating shelves and open storage this thing will make your kitchen airy. You can display your kitchenware above the shelves to feel more spacious as shown in this picture.

Refined Rustic Kitchen

This Space is perfect for modern amenities and country charm. To feel cozy and homey use pillow, wooden chairs and raw beams to your kitchen.

Rustic Black Kitchen

Sleek black appliances are a common alternative to high-end stainless steel. Here Black countertop with lower rustic cabinets looks awesome, black hanging lights and black appliances like fridge, oven and upper cabinets seems to feel black rustic kitchen.

Vintage Rustic Kitchen

Use vintage appliances in your kitchen, wooden floor, vintage tiles, rustic table, wooden stools and hanging lights these things will give vintage feeling.

Vintage Marble – Kitchen

This kitchen is made of a vintage marble slab on a steel base, the stove and the shelves are of reclaimed wood found on the farm; the pendant lights are from Rewire, and the floor is concrete.

Rustic Bistro Kitchen

The perfect blend of old and new is  modern european style kitchen. With off – white cabinet and dark countertop, this makes for one beautiful kitchen.

Light Green Kitchen Cabinets

Most probably people think bright colors don’t fit with rustic feel, well you should think again as this is rustic kitchen. This kitchen stays stylish while adding a pop of color.

Slate Grey Cabinets

Rustic design with grey color works the best, soft lighting in this room makes the grey stick out more than it generally would. The rough finish on these cabinets gives the space the added texture that it needs.

Wood Rustic Countertops

Most used location in any home is the kitchen, and the homeowners don’t give much idea to developing  it as much as they do bed rooms or living areas. Here, the kitchen all made of wood and the main highlight of this kitchen is rustic countertop, this only gives the rustic kitchen feeling.

Kitchen cum dining room

Another rustic design kitchen cum dining room, this one completely wood. Changing up the wood that you use can break the monotony in your kitchen will provide rustic, beautiful and stylish feel when you enter the room.

Rustic Neutral Kitchen

The neutral kitchen is the one that every homeowners want. The style of rustic kitchen cabinets is really a custom one. it’s a best style of your kitchen. This design looks enjoyable and  stunning.

Rustic red kitchen

Red kitchens are popular right now. People want the feel of nation kitchen without the nation lifestyle. Red with wooden beams ceiling and wood floor covering along with cabinets.

Rug In rustic kitchen

Rug in rustic kitchen give you the feeling of luxurious kitchen. a rug will protect your floor. it will also help you in padding for working / kitchen.

Classic Cabinetry

Rugged woodwork dominates this kitchen. Open shelves above the sink are enough to hold stacks, plates, jars and oven too. You can also add paintings  and decorative material like flowers as shown here.

Black Board in Rustic Kitchen

A chalkboard makes drawing up shopping and to-do lists easy. It blends beautifully well with the rough-hewn stone countertops, equally rough-hewn floor cabinets and a simple chandelier made of black metal.

Extraordinary Kitchen with Great Colors

Lime green floor cabinets and interiors of the wall cabinets of this kitchen make it eye – catching. The rustic countertop is the main highlight of this kitchen. Don’t be afraid to add decorative things like are flowers. Choosing right color for your kitchen is the important thing.

Unique Atmosphere

Tin ceiling and Heavy wood makes the unique atmosphere. Here tin ceilings be the rage black and they look expensive but the truth is it is not very expensive. Heavy wood table gives the rustic feels. The hanging lights look awesome. White cabinets with black countertop and rustic table are great combination and you will feel something uniquw in atmosphere.

Natural Tones

Marble with wood always looks awesome. Here Marble countertop with all wooden kitchen, Though the main highlight of this kitchen is that you can eat your food in balcony with nature. Make sure that you should keep the plants in balcony to feel natural, here the kitchen is in the mountains as you can see.

Kitchen Ideas

20 Industrial Style Kitchen Ideas

Industrial style anything is usually a big hit. It’s easy to achieve, always looks great and is functional, this is especially effective in a kitchen. It’s also a versatile concept that can be tailored to suit individual personal tastes. Part of what makes it such an effective style is the fact that old objects can be transformed into something new, creating a room with a nostalgic atmosphere.

Cement Floor Style

In this kitchen, the floor has been left uncovered, the cement floor receiving only a glossy finish. A vertical garden and wooden cabinet warm up the raw industrial elements such as the uncovered pipes. The matte black kitchen island is an elegant addition, the bright red fittings add a splash of color.

The Kitchen Shelves

The uncovered tubes and industrial pendant lights add the industrial chic, while the kitchen shelves make part of the decor. The yellow panel of wood complements the quilted carpet. A geometric shelf transforms a simple storage space into an integral part of the room’s design.

Kitchen And Room Together

The different wall coverings create an mismatched effect that ties the entire room together, while open shelves, ladders and furniture incorporate industrial style.

Dark Wooden Floors

Colored wooden furniture endow the room with bright and fun colors, while the distressed finish gives it a stylishly vintage look. The dark wooden floors give the room elegance, while the raw wood elements and industrial style lighting add the factory tone.

Colorful Industrial Kitchen

This kitchen is more colorful, the kitchen island a refurbished vintage desk. The exposed brick wall highlights the black shelving.

Vintage Furniture

Light permeates this kitchen from an overhead skylight, framed by thick black metal bars. The room is decorated almost exclusively with vintage furniture. The dark green complement the uncovered brick.

Industrial kitchen cabinets

Wooden beams replace the need for a ceiling, merging the top and bottom floor. Using different shades of grey is an easy way of making the room look industrial. Industrial kitchen cabinets can be made from any cupboard that looks or is old, vintage is always a necessity.

Color and patterns

Color and patterns make for a fun room. The white ceiling allowing the patterned tiles to be an accent feature. The custom tiles allow a lot of space for creativity decoration wise, the pattern is reminiscent of a quilted blanket. The industrial fittings and homely furniture blend two worlds together.

Culinary workshop

The kitchen is the workshop of the house, this designer took that concept and turned it into an industrial masterpiece. The layout of this kitchen is like that of a culinary workshop, literally and figuratively.

Old fashioned workshop

What makes this kitchen unique is the blackboard cupboard doors and ornamental ladder. An old work table has been given a new life in the form of a kitchen island. The entire look gives off the feel of an old fashioned workshop with all the comforts of modern day life. The wood and carpet a major design element.

Darker and more elegant kitchen

A darker and more elegant kitchen, the pendant lights are lowered to create an intimate atmosphere. The dark purple curtains adding depth to the room, with the light flooring opening up the entire space.

Bright Industrial Kitchen

Black piping and ventilation tubes set against a white ceiling create an intriguing contrast. The floor of the kitchen opts for a softer color palette, while the walls are darker. The lighter shades ensure that the space doesn’t look small and cramped, while the darker walls add personality. Bright red furniture contributes a bright spark of color.

Light Wooden Flooring

The light wooden flooring and paneling is faintly similar to the beach. The table looks like a more stylish version of an industrial lunch table.

Hanging Lighting

The lighting looks like converted industrial piping, hanging like vines from the ceiling. Light wooden panels is a warm complement to the stark white.

Organic Elements

This kitchen makes use of organic elements combined with the distressed technique. The industrial lighting is a vintage addition, the yellow image a warm element that brightens the space.

White Industrial Kitchen

White walls and furniture give this room the illusion of space, stenciled diagrams a unique and provocative design. Different shades of wood provide a respite from the white. A unique feature to the room is the swing in place of a bar stool.

Raw Brick – Look

Raw brick and pendant lighting, industrial shelves turn the kitchen into a prime example of a sophisticated industrial kitchen. Patterns in the cabinets create a modern design feature

Slanted ceiling

The slanted ceiling could’ve been a major challenge, but this designer expertly added colors and industrial kitchen components to make the kitchen look big and bright, turning the ceiling into a unique feature.

Modern industrial style 

Industrial grade metal sheeting has been used to create an accent wall, creating a more modern industrial style kitchen. Proving that industrial style doesn’t need vintage elements to work. This kitchen is a cutting-edge modern masterpiece.

Black Lamps

Black industrial lamps shed a lot of light over the small space warming up the daring color scheme and raw elements creating a warm atmosphere.

Kitchen Ideas

20 Traditional Kitchen Ideas To Follow

Traditional Kitchens are classy, elegant kitchens that have truly stood the test of time.

These kitchens date back to a time when quality and class were the priority. But it isn’t just their historic past that makes them so charming.

They are warm, homely and above all else – the sort of place you wouldn’t mind losing yourself in for a good few hours.

If you like class, sophistication and decoration – traditional kitchens might be for you.

Decorative Details & Accessories

The main feature of a traditional style kitchen is the attention to detail and use of decorative accessories. We’re talking wainscoting on the island, crown moldings, corbels and furniture-like pieces with embellishments in every area of the room. Everywhere you look in a traditional kitchen, there should be an element of adornment, architectural design or enhanced pieces with decorative accessories.

Neutral Color Palette

Where contemporary and modern kitchen designs focus on crisp, cool colors that highlight materials and bring a pop of edgy style to the space, traditional kitchens are all about sticking to a classic color palette. Think warm and cool neutrals, like deep cherries and light beige.

Luxury Countertops

When it comes to color, the countertops bring the fun in a traditional kitchen design. Pick a luxurious countertop material like Quartz or Granite. You can opt for a design with lots of movement in the pattern, or (even better) choose a marble-imitating countertop like the classic Cambria Britannica quartz shown in this kitchen.

Vintage or Raised Panel Cabinets

Modern kitchen styles are all about simplicity when it comes to the cabinetry style, but traditional designs focus on cabinets with embellished style. Forego the basic shaker or plain style cabinet for a Vintage Raised Panel or Classic Raised Panel style cabinet door.

Antique Finishes or Glazed Cabinetry

Staying within the neutral color palate, most traditional kitchens have cabinets with glazes or antique finishes, rather than cabinets that appear more natural. Popular choices here are Cordovan stain on Cherry cabinets with a Sable Glaze or Antique White cabinets with a Walnut Glaze.

Simple Backsplash

Colorful and highly patterned backsplashes in exciting materials have become popular choices for homeowners within the past few years. But for a traditional kitchen, a busy backsplash can seem overwhelming and may complicate the space. Because you have so much going on already in terms of decorative accessories, keep the backsplash simple in terms color, style and materials.

Ornate or Decorative Lighting

Love the look of a classic style chandelier? Chandeliers look beautiful in a traditional kitchen and can really enhance the ornate and detail-oriented aspects of the room. Decorative lighting is the best way to pull the whole kitchen’s look together, so pick your lighting last, but keep it in mind throughout your planning and designing process.

Elegant Oak

Clean, simple, uncluttered. This elegant oak and hand-painted kitchen features an understated bevelled door detail which lends the room a classic, timeless style.

Plain And Simple

Extending their current kitchen gave this family the open plan kitchen, dining and family space they were looking for.

Architectural Details

Traditional kitchens focus on the details in all areas. There’s a bit of embellishment or adornment everywhere you look, but the best traditional kitchens just feel layered rather than overbearing.

Framed cabinetry

The type of cabinet construction can have a significant impact on the way a kitchen looks. Full overlay or frameless cabinets are associated with a more contemporary way of building a cabinet

Glazed and antique cabinet finishes

Traditional kitchens often feature cabinet finishes that are glazed or made to look aged and distressed. Whether you’re using antique white or a color like the island shown, a bit of glazing can add instant age and patina.

Raised-panel doors

Whereas you’ll see flat-panel doors in a modern kitchen and simple Shaker doors with a bead mold in classic kitchens, traditional kitchens have more ornamentation.

Mixed door styles

Traditional kitchens often use multiple finishes. For Example : Sometimes you’ll see one color or style cabinet on the perimeter and another on the island,

Decorative cabinet door

There are limitless detail options for cabinets in a traditional kitchen.Some traditional kitchens even employ different options in different sections.

Hutch-style cabinets

Hutch cabinets are often though of as dining room furniture, but they’ve migrated into many classic and traditional kitchens. The added storage they provide by going down to the counter is something few homeowners can pass up.

Charming Traditional kitchen

A simple palette of black and white, accented with just a hint of color, helps to create a country-traditional kitchen with a shade of glamour.

Nature Inspired

A nature-inspired color palette make this kitchen feel connected to the outdoors. The white island and chairs keep the space from getting too dark while steel light fixtures add an industrial touch to the room.

Seek Attention

A pitched kitchen ceiling gets even more attention with tongue-and-groove paneling. Slate flooring grounds the kitchen, while white cabinetry and a marble backsplash leave the room feeling light and airy.

Rustic Elegance

A neutral, outdoor look balances refined materials to give this kitchen a quaint yet elegant feel. Calacatta marble countertops and the tiled backsplash help create a modern-meets-country aesthetic. Travertine floors and dark-stained cabinetry add textural and color interest.


Kitchen Ideas

20 Best Ultra Modern Kitchen Ideas

Whit this article we are going to bring you to the world of kitchen design trends. With the combination of artificial and natural materials, and the pallet of natural colors from bright up to neutral tones, you can combine and design the kitchen just the way you imagined. The kitchen is a room that is often overlooked when it comes to the visual arts.

The natural stone is a popular choice for worktops in modern kitchens, because it is easy to clean and looks itself clean. Granite and marble are perhaps the best materials when it comes to rock, because they are high-temperature resistant. Kitchen appliances made out of stainless steel are currently the biggest trend in modern kitchens, but with a black or white you will not go wrong

Black Is The New White

A real Wow! Factors are becoming the black kitchen cabinets, which have such an untraditional and unique vision that easily become a focal point of any kitchen design.

Gray Modern Kitchen

The gray kitchen is a modern trend that is well combined with a second color or even as a single choice, especially when the texture of the material resembles stone or concrete.

What About White Kitchen ?

Yes, white will stay on the fashion scene but because of its well explored and entertained nature will not be enough by itself. To increase the attractive appearance of a white kitchen there can be an inclusion of bright additional colors, or geometrical shapes and stripes.

Plants In Kitchen

On the picture above we can see how cleverly refreshing the white composition of the kitchen design with capturing rainbow floor decoration and unusual green pots for fresh plants.

Oval Shape Design

After a decade dominated of straight, clear lines the soft shapes and curves are making a huge comeback into the design concept of modern kitchen. It’s worth noticing that this is not a rein of artistic curves and abstract shapes, is more like -clear geometrical volumes with delicate oblong finishing’s.

Decorative tiles in kitchen design

You can use tiles in many dynamic configurations; on the floor, as a part of the cabinetry or wall pattern, but only if the color scheme and compositional layout need a bit of refreshment and vitality.


The black fittings will be very entertained this season – along with the commonly used ovens, hot – plates and aspirators now the new trend brings a wide variety of black refrigerators, sinks, taps and other kitchen appliances. Of course, we should not underestimate the classic nature of the inox’s appliances, so if introduced in the kitchen the timeless effect is guaranteed.

Copper Handels – Kitchen

Very popular, till recently, as materials for the creation of lighting solutions and decorative elements the brass and copper are now used in kitchen design also. This specific creation of Cooper handles belongs to the German brand Rational, and they are looking just fabulous juxtaposed to the dark background and brought eminent style and luxuries emanation.

Dark Colored Kitchens 

Some award winning kitchen designs include at least one dark color as a strong accent for the color arrangement.

Trendy Kitchen Cabinet Materials & Finishes

Apparat from the trends in color when it comes to kitchen design there is a visible trend in the materials palette that composes the kitchen cabinetry and appliances.

Iustrial Style Kitchens Are an Emerging Trend

The kitchen includes multiple structures that entwine the illuminated glass shelving glamour with the shining aluminum finishes in Liquid Metal brass colored satin antique.The combination of robust dark materials and warm wooden structures (with a vintage flavor) is always a winning combination when it comes to modern kitchen design.

Urban Rustic Kitchen

The Urban Rustic kitchens are one of our favorite design to explore – it offers a great variety of textural and materials combinations and includes dynamic mixture of vintage, classic and contemporary design elements.

Trendy Kitchen Countertops

When it comes to modern kitchen design, trendy choices and innovative solutions the countertops of your kitchen arrangement need to be responsive not only to the style you choose but also to offer durability, functionalism and suitable appearance.

Quartz Kitchen Countertops

Quartz is attractive for its durability and its consistent color characteristics. Quartz offer impressive color selection in white, black or gray hues and are peaking up speed as a popular and functional choice in modern kitchen design.

Granite Kitchen Countertops

Granite remains high on the list of trendy kitchen countertops for 2018. Granite is often cited as the most durable natural material available and is known for resisting cracks and chips well. Hot pots can be placed directly on the countertop, you can cut right on the surface without damage, and spills wipe away easily.

Marble Kitchen Countertops

As we have mentioned before – marble is synonymous with luxury and style, and it becomes a classic choice for any elegant setting. It is functional and stable material, has a great aesthetical and color selection, it responds well to temperature and mechanical damage; only with stains, one should be careful.

Metal Kitchen Countertops

Metal is always trendy and fashionable choice mainly for more urban or modernistic design arrangements – as we know the shine of the metal is irresistible. Newest technologies and innovations offer durability and rust avoidance for the metal surfaces designed for kitchen countertops.

Small Kitchen

We do realize that in confined urban living arrangements large kitchen is not allayed an option and sometimes not even a necessity. People who like to cook but rarely do so may enjoy taking the challenge of improvising in small kitchens

Small Kitchen L-Shaped Design

If you want it to be simple for your small kitchen, this idea is surely yours. This small L shaped kitchen design really offers simplicity. This is perfect if you like your small kitchen to be open to other rooms such as living room, dining room, even the backyard.


Kitchen Ideas

20 Eclectic Kitchen Ideas To Follow

Yeah, we get it. What are kitchens anyway but a collection of cabinets, appliances and countertops? Well, hold on there a minute. While the bones of the kitchen may be somewhat universal, you can dress them up any which way, and that’s where a little eclectic creativity works wonders for re-inspiring a kitchen remodeling plan.

Hope You like our 20 eclectic kitchen…..

Fix Your Retro Light

retro kiytchen light

Look for outstanding retro- or vintage- hanging light fixtures that aren’t available in the contemporary market. That funky chandelier or those up-cycled dairy barn pendants will be just the thing to help your kitchen look a little different from the rest. Best of all, this eclectic feature can be taken down, re-sold, swapped or affordably replaced when you’re ready for a new look.

Add Some Furniture To Kitchen

furniture into the kitchen

If you have enough cabinet storage via perimeter cabinetry, think about using a piece of furniture for your kitchen island. Antique Dressers, old bars, a customized butcher block, an ancient wooden work bench or picnic table, an enormous wood slab installed on metal legs – each has the potential to add unique flair to a kitchen while still providing the extra space desired for food prep and social seating or dining.

Bright and Light Kitchen

Eclectic Kitchen Ideas

The vibrant blue kitchen island strikes in the middle as a main charmer and provides the overall white kitchen with vibrant and modern appearance. The colorful ethnic area rug contributes to the charming appearance and bring eclectic feel in the superbly modern and bright kitchen.

Contemporary Eclectic Kitchen

Here again you can see an eclectic kitchen with turquoise kitchen island that totally stands out in the middle of the ktichen and provides the place with super vibrant and lively ambiance. The vintage blue and white damask wallpaper set the country touch of the place and contributes to the interesting eclectic setting of the place.

Distinctive Eclectic Kitchen

Eclectic Kitchen Ideas

This beautiful and natural eclectic kitchen has used Spanish decorating influence and has attained a perfect distinctive appearance. The natural stone wall work great as a foundation for creating a bold and dramatic appearance, while the black kitchen cabinets provide the place with fierce modern and sharp ambiance.

Something Trendy Eclectic Kitchen

Eclectic Kitchen Ideas

The unfinished wood paneled wall with noisy surface creates a lively and opulent ambiance in this sleek eclectic kitchen. We love the black kitchen cabinet with oak wood worktop and additional glass cabinets. The floating shelve on the wall adds a functional and neat appearance of the super neat eclectic kitchen.

Traditional Cabinetry

Eclectic Kitchen Ideas

This kitchen combines traditional cabinetry with rustic, wide-plank wood floors and white walls to create a beautiful, welcoming space.

Neutral Tones

Eclectic Kitchen Ideas

The soft, neutral tones in this kitchen are what brings it all together to create a beautifully, eclectic space.

Crisp – White Style

Eclectic Kitchen Ideas

Crisp white, shaker-style cabinets pair perfectly with warm wood tones.  The curtains in this space create softness to the crisp white lines.

Splashes of colors

Eclectic Kitchen Ideas

The splashes of color in this space and mismatch of chairs create an eclectic feel that looks as though it was curated over time.

The Small One

Eclectic Kitchen Ideas

A fun, inexpensive way to add interest in a small kitchen is with a colorful backsplash.

The Curtains

Eclectic Kitchen Ideas

The mural backsplash and richly-colored curtains add personality to an otherwise neutral space.

Grey Cabinets

Eclectic Kitchen Ideas

 Despite the deep gray of the cabinets, this kitchen still feels bright due to warm wood flooring and great industrial lighting.

Eclectic Traditional Kitchen

Eclectic Kitchen Ideas

This eclectic kitchen complements the English Tudor home, but departs from colonial tradition by opting for white cabinets rather than dark ones. Glazed Terra cotta tile floors and decorative red and blue tiles used on the counter, backsplash and range hood add a colorful contrast.

 Cohesive color scheme

Eclectic Kitchen Ideas

A cohesive color scheme makes this galley kitchen feel open and airy.

 Vibrant backsplash

Eclectic Kitchen Ideas

The vibrant backsplash in this kitchen provides a great starting off point for the kitchen’s color scheme.

Floor look rug

Eclectic Kitchen Ideas

When arranged in a specific pattern, floor tiles can give the effect of a decorative rug.

Vibrant Color

Eclectic Kitchen Ideas

This kitchen avoids feeling stark by incorporating a vibrant color in the backsplash, appliances and decorations.

Wooden Floor

Eclectic Kitchen Ideas

The warm wood floors in this space pair surprisingly well with the cool gray cabinets.

Unexpected Wall

Eclectic Kitchen Ideas

Consider adding a beautiful, rich backsplash on one wall for an unexpected focal point.

Kitchen Ideas

20 Best Contemporary Kitchen Ideas

Contemporary designs do not mean a futuristic look with dramatic architectural elements (although that certainly is an option), but you will see innovative ideas in color palettes, lighting, and appliances, as well as uniquely shaped furniture choices. You will see clean, flat front cabinets combined with earthy, natural stone countertops, light wood floors contrasted with a bold wall color or unexpected backsplash material, or maybe a coffee bar with hidden drawers and appliances. All can be modern, yet still warm and welcoming.